Wednesday, December 1, 2010

if you have just bought your first embroidery machine and are new to the buisness

First steps after you have bought the machine
5) mark all your centerlines on your hoops. put a rubber band so it forms an X in the middle. Then mark your centerlines from top to bottom and side to side with a sharpie.
3) buy spare parts before you need them. hook Assembly's, bobbin cases, etc.
2) this is a piece of machinery, learn how to tune it and fix it. you will break things from time to time
1) your artwork needs to be digitized. this takes skill and practice. you need to work real hard with the auto digitizing software. also, you need to take classes with any embroidery software. plan on sending out some of your work for the harder stuff. you will be much happier

4) line up your vendors ahead of time. retail places will charge you $7 + tax for 1000 yards of thread. you can buy 5000 yards for $3-$5 online or through wholesalers
5) figure out your pricing before you start quoting. there is not a lot of overhead in emb but if you want to make more than a few bucks an hour you need to work out your stitches per minute and how long it takes to do a sewout.

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